Performances and Masterclasses

2013  Performances

Feb. 1 -2– Guest artist recital at Tennessee Tech and masterclasses for Tennessee Tech Day

Feb. 9 – 10 – Guest Artist for Journée de la Flute, Conservatoire de Nice, Nice, France,  Recital, Masterclass, Duo Concerto with Marrence Larrieu

March 16 – performed and taught a masterclass at the Louisiana Flute Society Flute Festival, Loyola University, New Orleans

April 11 – performed a faculty chamber recital, LSU Recital Hall

June 9 – performed on faculty recital for LSU Chamber Winds Camp

July 8 – 13 – Teaching masterclasses at Académie Musicale Internationale de Colombes, France

July 13 – Concert des professeurs: Académie Musicale Internationale de Colombes, France

Aug. 8 – 11 – judging semifinals for NFA YAC, teaching a masterclass, and speaking on a panel at the NFA Convention, Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, LA

Aug. 11 – performing three works by Paul Hayden at the NFA Convention, Marriott Hotel, Napolean Room

Nov. 5 – 8 – performing a recital and teaching masterclasses at the Municipal School of Music, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Nov. 16 – guest artist for South Carolina Flute Festival, University of SC, Columbia, SC

Performances 2014

Feb. 9 – 3 p.m.  LSU faculty recital with Michael Gurt, piano, Griffin Campbell, saxophone, and Dennis Parker, cello

March 8-9 -Concerto Soloist with Shreveport Symphony

August 17 – 22 – Teacher and performer at Oxford Flute Summer School, Radley College, Oxfordshire, UK

August 23 – Performing at the British Flute Society National Convention